Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Sign

So, as promised I wanted to elaborate on one of the projects that we created for the Poolside Rehearsal Dinner post that I wrote about here. I have an absolute love for a great chalkboard sign and knew that we wanted to create a large scale one for the evening. The inspiration came from a wood sign my MIL found on Pinterest.  We loved the saying, but wanted to translate it to chalkboard art!  First I needed to find a frame and after raiding my mothers attic (you can't even imagine all of the goodies up there!) I found this old frame that my mother was no longer using.
A few coats of white spray paint and it was like new again!!

I have worked with the Etsy shop 163 Design Company before for custom chalkboard prints and once again they did not disappoint. I sent them an inspiration image and within a day I received a large scale print. Off to Office Max it went where I asked them to print it as a large engineering print. And for $2.38 I had completed chalkboard art.

I love when you get a frame for free, use leftover spray paint a $2.38 print and you get a statement piece for a party!


  1. i love it! i love the quote, and the frame itself!! what a great idea!

  2. Thanks two birds!! I love that quote too, so romantic!!

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