Monday, August 19, 2013

Instaboard: Instagram as Art

I hope you all are loving Instagram as much as I am lately!  It seems to capture life so well and I love scrolling back through my pictures and seeing so many different friends, memories and a little piece of life.  Now that I have captured all of these wonderful moments I wanted to be able to get them printed and put up in my office, but wasn't sure how to get it done.  I recently downloaded the new Shutterfly ipad app and was amazed to find it connected directly to Instagram and I could order perfect 4x4 pictures. So easy!!

Once I received my little package of joy I began my search for how to display these beauties.  I thought of stringing ribbon on a frame and hanging them with a clothespin or making a square collage on the wall. Then it came to me!  I have a very simple piece of art hanging on my office wall and it is metal!!  It is a sculpture of over sized paperclips. Very office appropriate right??

I decided I should find a way to get the photos to hang on the paper clips. Maybe tape, or a hole punch with ribbon but then tested a magnet. Guess what?? It held!!  My Instagram display was born.

I also tested it on a sunburst I have in my bathroom just in case you have one of those hanging around!

The magnets are from Target and I like them, but would love to make something more custom down the road or maybe even order a cute set from Etsy. What have you all done with your Instagram photos? Make sure to follow my Instagram board in the upper right!


  1. Such a neat idea to use what ya got. Those giant paperclips are perfect in an office. May I ask, where'd you find them?!

  2. Hi TD-
    Thanks for stopping by!! The paper clips are from TJ Maxx a few years ago.

  3. Just found your log through MN Bloggers! So cute!! You have a new (fellow MN) follower!

  4. It so amazing !! By a simple paper clip you can already have an amazing art . That's a brilliant idea. I'll try to do that.

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