Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Project

So 4.5 years after moving into our house and we are finally getting to the front yard landscaping. Thank you so much to our very patient neighbors!!  We have picked at our landscaping over the years, but as many of you know when things are over grown and haven't been tended to for awhile it takes a lot of work to get it back into shape. When we moved into this house it looked a little like this.

I know, you may say it doesn't look that bad, but this was taken from Google and was taken about a year before we moved in. 

There are more than a few things we wanted to update such as...
  • Paint the house gray and the door a happy green
  • Paint the soffits and fascia white
  • Trim up the front tree
  • Remove the lilac bush blocking the dining room window
  • Landscape front yard = Summer project
  • Replace roof with black shingles (this is a someday)
Up until now we have completed 4 out of 6 on this list.  The first pic shows a family picture taken before we removed the oversized lilac bush.

After The lilac is removed

However, we are well on our way to #5.  We are doing the work ourselves, but are working with a landscaper who came up with the below plan.  I am definitely not a plant expert and have been known to kill a plant or two so we wanted to have an expert who could help us with a complete plan that would make sure that something was always blooming and that we brought color back to our front yard.  We have also had the railroad tie wall replaced with a boulder wall and we used professionals for that as well.  I will share all of their wonderful work in another post.  Here is the plan in all of its full blooming glory!

I am so in love and can not wait to start plant shopping and planting this week.  We (the hubs and his parents!!!)  have been working very hard and have the entire front yard prepped and ready for plants and mulch. I will be back with an update when it is all planted. What do you think of the plan?  Do you like a lot of color in your yard?