Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's a....

Girl!!!! Last Thursday we went to our ultrasound and found out that we are having a healthy baby girl. We are so over the moon and can't even begin to express all of our excitement.   We went into the ultrasound just praying for a healthy baby.

We were both absolutely convinced it was a boy, but to our surprise we were wrong.  We shared the news with family and friend on Thursday night and I will be back soon with all of the details. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Joy to the World!!

Back a few posts ago I told you about a few treasure's I found at an antique barn in WI. One that I left out is this partial piece of fence post.
 It had three posts and it was perfectly distressed. It has been sitting in my garage for some time and I decided Christmas was the perfect use for it. I originally thought I would use it by the front door, but realized there was plenty out there and a perfect empty spot that needed a little help.  The deck!! We decorate our deck with white lights along the railing and like to have a little something to look at through both the sliding glass door and the family room window. Now on to how I made this little sign.  I picked up a few wood letters at Jo Ann fabrics and had the hubby spray them silver.
  I was thinking spraying them silver would be just enough, but unfortunately I was wrong.  As you can see in the pic the letters were a little spotty since it was so cold when he was spraying. So I went to plan B and decided to glitter the letters.  It was absolutely the right  decision!! I just painted them with modge podge and then sprinkled them with silver glitter.  Once they had dried I used a little gorilla glue ( I was out of wood glue) and decided to stagger the letters.

 It turned out wonderful!!  I wanted to cover up the table and umbrella holder that stays on the deck all year so this was the perfect thing to do so.

 I filled another winterproof pot with tree tops and left over lights and picked up the battery operated silver reindeer at santa.  It turned out to be a perfect little vignette for the deck!!!

On the other side of the deck is a little item I had repurposed last year, my great grandmothers sleigh/sled that she used as a child.  I don't have pics of what it originally looked like, but it was a blue sleigh with pictures of circus animals on it.  I used a can of silver spray paint on the sleigh and added a spray painted wood snowflake to the side.  Now that it is all completed I just add tree top, lights and large glittered balls to the inside of the sleigh. I love how it looks out the window each night.

Has anyone else been working on some Christmas crafting??

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Christmas Time!!!!

I can't believe it is here! The most glorious time of the year. December is filled with faith, family, friends and decorations galore.  I must confess I have been at the decorating game for a few weeks now and will have lots to share in the next 20 days. Including our gender reveal party!!!!!  Since today is our first real snowy day I thought I would start outside in the entry.  I love having a festive front door for people to walk up to. It is inviting right from the start. 
I filled my pots with lots of spruce tops, birch sticks that my MIL gathered at the cabin, stick lights (I will try and get a night pic), and a bow to top it off. Very simple, but I love how the rustic birch sticks tie together with all of the silver pops.  Above the pots I hang 6 over sized ornaments. I use small command hooks that stay up all year round and because they are small and mostly white you don't even notice.  Now on to the cheery green front door! 
Last year I was on a hunt for a vintage pair of white skates for my front door. Once i found them I modge podged them and covered them with clear glitter.  It is hard to see in this pic, but the glitter just adds a little freshness to the skates. They are by no means perfect since they are vintage after all.
I buy a pre done swag at the local nursery and add the skates with a bow and there you have it!  I absolutely love how the skates look on the front door and enjoy how unique it is since it is not a wreath.  Ok, I will try and add a few night shots of the front once we finish outside lights for our party this coming weekend.  I also have two new projects that will be added to the entry that I will hopefully have finalized next week.  Hope you all take time this Christmas season to spend precious moments with friends and family and most importantly remember the reason for the season.  The wonderful birth of our savior Jesus Christ!!!