Friday, December 13, 2013

Joy to the World!!

Back a few posts ago I told you about a few treasure's I found at an antique barn in WI. One that I left out is this partial piece of fence post.
 It had three posts and it was perfectly distressed. It has been sitting in my garage for some time and I decided Christmas was the perfect use for it. I originally thought I would use it by the front door, but realized there was plenty out there and a perfect empty spot that needed a little help.  The deck!! We decorate our deck with white lights along the railing and like to have a little something to look at through both the sliding glass door and the family room window. Now on to how I made this little sign.  I picked up a few wood letters at Jo Ann fabrics and had the hubby spray them silver.
  I was thinking spraying them silver would be just enough, but unfortunately I was wrong.  As you can see in the pic the letters were a little spotty since it was so cold when he was spraying. So I went to plan B and decided to glitter the letters.  It was absolutely the right  decision!! I just painted them with modge podge and then sprinkled them with silver glitter.  Once they had dried I used a little gorilla glue ( I was out of wood glue) and decided to stagger the letters.

 It turned out wonderful!!  I wanted to cover up the table and umbrella holder that stays on the deck all year so this was the perfect thing to do so.

 I filled another winterproof pot with tree tops and left over lights and picked up the battery operated silver reindeer at santa.  It turned out to be a perfect little vignette for the deck!!!

On the other side of the deck is a little item I had repurposed last year, my great grandmothers sleigh/sled that she used as a child.  I don't have pics of what it originally looked like, but it was a blue sleigh with pictures of circus animals on it.  I used a can of silver spray paint on the sleigh and added a spray painted wood snowflake to the side.  Now that it is all completed I just add tree top, lights and large glittered balls to the inside of the sleigh. I love how it looks out the window each night.

Has anyone else been working on some Christmas crafting??

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