Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bathroom Redo- The Before, middle, after and the always changing!!

So, this could definitely be broken up into a few different posts, which I will be revisiting in the future. For today I want to show you the beginning the middle and the after of our ever changing "kids bathroom".  I know, I know you may be thinking you don't even have kids.  This is true, but hopefully someday we will and then they will use this second bathroom upstairs.  Lets start at the beginning, as you can see it was a lovely bathroom wrapped in floral wall paper, linoleum flooring and that ohh so beautiful powder blue toilet seat.
Like the rest of the house the bones of this bathroom were good and we were able to leave the vanity and bathtub.  The vanity needed a nice coat of paint (now changed since the original coat) and the tub was in pretty good shape with some scrubbing by my mother.  Thanks mom!!

Here it is in it's first stage of renovation. It took us two cans of paint to find the right color, but we landed on a really nice pale blue and tiled the floor with a 12x12 grey tile.  Just so you know when I say "we" tiled, the "we" always involves my mother-in-law, the tiling expert. She rocks and is always beyond helpful.  After a few years and a few more changes the bathroom was starting to look a little like this.
Don't get me wrong it was a very nice bathroom and I like the crispness of the white, but I had been mulling over repainting the vanity to a dark grey for awhile.  What can I say Pinterest can inspire you :) Also, the floor grout had started to crack.  We still are not quite sure why this happened, but we tried redoing it a few times and it just continually kept cracking so that also meant new flooring. Perfect timing for a bathroom makeover. Here it is in all of its madeover glory. New floors, painted dark grey cabinetry, shower curtain and a few new accessories.

There are so many additional details like what type of flooring we used, paint colors and how I painted the cabinets.  This will come later in a separate post. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the before and after below.


  1. Looking at the before and after photos, I can see how much your bathroom has changed. The small patch-ups made a huge impact on how your bathroom looks now. And removing the wall tiles was such a smart decision because it gave you the freedom to change the color of the wall whenever you want to. Kudos!
    Lida Swisher @ Waddle Exteriors

  2. Can you please share the brand and color of the cabinet paint?