Monday, August 26, 2013

Double Dipper

Happy Tueday! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen a few clues to todays project. Maybe a gray and white striped chair leg and a pic of ikat fabric??  Well you probably guessed I was working on a little chair redo.  Back in my early DIY days I re did this chair from a cherry finish to the black paint you see now.

I have changed the cover a few times, but this pic shows it in its beautiful original moss green velvet. I know you are probably saying why would she even want to touch that beauty?? But as you can see it is far past its glory days!  As you have noticed I have been working on my office and this chair sits in here as an extra.  I knew that I wanted to paint the chair white, but I also knew I wanted to give it some character. I am loving the dipped leg chair trend and I found a picture of a double dipped leg I loved on Pinterest!!  So began my quest to come up with something similar.  I sanded, primed and spray painted the chair in a white semi gloss. 

At this point it was starting to really look promising.  This is when it gets a little trickier. I tried two different methods for the leg dipping. The first was to tape off the legs approx. 12 inches up and wrapping the part I wanted to stay white white in garbage bags.
This was not exact and or perfect as you can clearly see.  This worked pretty well except for a few stray spots that didn't get fully covered by the plastic bags. I resprayed a few small spots, but here it is with just the gray legs.
After two days of fully drying I decided to attempt the metallic champagne portion. I found a beautiful color that was not to gold and not to silver.  Hence the champagne name.  I taped off the legs leaving approimately two inches of the grey showing and lightly sanded the portion I would be spraying.
Then on a beautiful afternoon off from work I sat out on my deck and painted the legs.  It took quite a few coats, but it seemed to cover really well.  The tape came off ok. I did have one spot pull a little of the champagne part off, but I was able to touch it up relatively easily. Aren't these some beautiful legs!!! I have to say I was extremely pleased with the color and how they turned out.
Here are the paints I used on the frame.

Now, on to the seat cover. I searched the fabric store as well as a few T.J.'s and I brought home a shower curtain, a yard of fabric and a king duvet cover.  All would have been great options, but the ikat duvet was perfect!!! It had a little gold/yellow, a pop of blue and an almost identical dark gray to match the legs.  I used the front to one of the shams so I still have a duvet cover, and another sham if I ever want to use the fabric again.  Which may happen because I have fallen madly in love with it!!
Beautiful right?? A few staples to the back and she was ready to be reunited with her beautiful dip dyed frame.  Here she is...

So you don't have to scroll all the way back to the top here is the before and after.

I think it adds the perfect pop of color to my office. What do you think? Are you into the dip dyed trend?