Monday, August 12, 2013


Ok, so I have a confession to make. Do you see this beauty below.

It has never been hooked up until today!! I have had an nonfunctional vanity in our master bathroom for 4 years. I am virtually hearing all of your gasps, but I can take it and feel better that I have gotten it off my chest. See, as proclaimed DIYers we are always trying to figure something out ourselves before heading to the experts. My amazing father-in-law tried and tried again, but eventually it was decided it must be done by an expert.  So today was the day, and the first time I turned on that water to brush my teeth using this ohh so shiny an beautiful bathroom vanity was a hallelujah kind of moment :)



Isn't she pretty??


  1. Is the surround calcutta marble? We used the same in our bath when we redid it and LOVE the hues of whites, creams and grays.

  2. We actually did the Carrara marble pillow tiles for the surround and the shower in a subway tile. I love Calcutta as well! I would love to see a pic sometime :)

  3. I am wrong. Mine was cararra too!. Its been a few years! Would love it for my kitchen backsplash too but hear marble is not good for high traffic.

  4. I have heard that about countertops, but I bet you could get away with it as a backsplash as long as it was sealed well. You should ask the Tile Shop.