Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cork Board 101

I have been working on a number of projects for my office lately and one that seems never ending is my cork board.  Do you ever do a project and it never seems to be right??  Well I have now redone my cork board above my desk at least three times.... in the last week. Ughh!  I tried spraying the frame from black to white and leaving the cork as is

I tried using the awesome new Frog Tape in chevron and spraying the cork board gray

and last but not least I ended up with this!

I saw something similar on Pinterest and there was no corresponding tutorial so I bought the supplies and away I went.  I love the result!! It turned out to be the perfect graphic for the space.  I will share the full tutorial next week, but wanted to see what you all thought.  Do you like where I ended up? What have you done for your cork boards? Happy Thursday!

Printables: A number of people have mentioned to me the cute P on my desk and the Love pennant banner and if you can believe it they were both free printables!!!! Amazing right?? They both came from the amazing Shanty 2 Chic.

Letter Printable
Love Pennant Banner

Update: Here is a link to the tutorial.


  1. Cute! Do you work out of a home office? We are officially turning our den (aka room that is never touched) into my office so I'm starting to make all of my purchases!

  2. So cute! I love it!! (I am swooning over the framed "P" on your desk too - so adorable!!!)

  3. Hi Jess! Yes I do work from home, and that room is fast becoming one of my favorites :)

    @Alisha thank you so much! I updated the blog to include the link to the P and the love pennant banner printable.

  4. You are so talented!!! Love it all! I also just repinned the free printable:) Travis is going to die when another 'B' comes in our home:)

  5. while i think they all look good, i definitely like the end result the best. it pops out, is fresh and fun, and looks great in the space!

  6. Thanks Lacey!! Travis will love another B :) I am actually thinking about letting the car out of the bag and sharing my P obsession.

  7. Two birds thank you so much for following the blog!! I am loving yours as well and all of your fun outfit inspiration.