Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Poolside Rehearsal Dinner

A few weeks ago my MIL and  I had the privilege of decorating for my hubby's cousins Grooms Dinner or as others call it, their Rehearsal Dinner.  Is Grooms Dinner a MN thing?  Anyway, let me first tell you how absolutely adorable and loving this couple is. Below is the Bride and Groom with the Grooms wonderful parents.

Nick, the groom grew up in Brazil so his parents wanted to have a traditional Brazilian BBQ for him poolside at his grandparents house.  They hired a few Brazilian ladies to make a lot of the traditional fare and had a few Brazilian missionary friends grilling. Let me tell you the food did not disappoint!!!

On to the decor. We really wanted the rehearsal to feel intimate and to utilize as much of the space as possible.  It was supposed to rain on the day of so we had tents put up.  At first we were a little bummed, but in the end they ended up adding beautiful ambiance with the lights and hanging lanterns.

We stuck with the brides colors of coral and had picked up a number of the napkins for her bridal shower at Target on clearance.  Have I mentioned yet that I love Target??  It must be a hometown thing. 

We included a drink station, food area and sitting areas for eating.

At night after the sun went down the guests sat around and told stories about the couple.

It was such a magical night and like I often say, the people and the joy that was in the room was what made the party so special! The decor was just a fun added ambiance.  I will share a separate post with more decor details. What do you all do for Grooms/ Rehearsal Dinners?
Half of these pictures were taken by the Brides Father who is a wonderful photographer. You can find him here. Picture Place Photography


  1. what a beautiful party! is it a mn thing to call it a groom's dinner? i thought that was a universal thing, but who knows!! we had ours at a campgrounds...very casual grilling, beer, and camping. it wasn't nearly as pretty as this!!

  2. Thanks!! I have asked around and no one else knows what a grooms dinner is. Proud to be a Minnesotan! I bet your grooms dinner was beautiful :)