Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Christmas Pillow

Hi All! I just wanted to stop by with a quick DIY project for Christmas. I started this project after seeing a christmas tree fabric pillow on Pinterest. I immediately thought I can make that. So i got out my trusty Ikea canvas pillow case and craft paint and began to plan. Here are the supplies needed. Two colors of fabric paint, pencil and a handmade stencil. For the stencil I copied a picture from online and then transferred on to cardboard.  I wanted each tree to be similar, but not exact or perfect.

Then I started by laying out the trees and tracing them. Again i didn't want them to be perfect I wanted a little randomness to the pattern.

After they were all traced I used a thin paint brush to outline and paint the insides of the trees black. Once I finished with the trees and let them dry I added a gold border using paint and following the stitch line on the outside of the pillow. 

What do you all think? I love to paint and can't wait for new pillow painting inspiration. Be sure to stop by next week for some more Christmas updates and a Christmas home tour.