Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Mantle

So when it was time to decorate for Christmas this year I had two things I was looking for and they both involved my mantle. First on the list was stockings! With the new addition of little Gracie Lu this year, our family was in need of proper stockings for Santa to deliver all of the goodies. When you see these stockings you will know why they were right for me! Can you say personalized monograms?

Tiny Prints just released stockings this year and after looking through all of their fun options I knew a neutral monogrammed stocking was the perfect fit for our family. They are a gorgeous linen fabric with a printed monogram and a subtle snowflake pattern. It brought a bit of elegance to our rustic glam theme this year and will always work as our themes change.  How fantastic do they look??

After getting the stockings, it was time to conquer the other problem we were having. The dreaded TV over the mantle. I had been brainstorming all sorts of options and knew that it needed to be easily removable for the practicality of actually using the TV. I used plastic wreath hangers, tag board and a large chalkboard printable from Caravan Shoppe.

What do you think? I will share more details at a later time of how the DIY project came to life. Lets just say this one was even husband approved.

So, now that my two items have been checked off of my list, I can just sit back and relax... just kidding! We still have a ton of festivities and parties to plan for at our house over the next two weeks. What is on your Christmas list this year?

Stop by this week to see our Christmas card, Christmas card display and the rest of the home tour.