Monday, April 8, 2013

How it all began...

When the hubby and I started talking about buying a foreclosure and fixing it up, I am not quite sure I knew what I was getting myself into. In January of 2009 we purchased an amazing two story foreclosure. There was just one small problem, it had the most outdated style I had ever seen.  By outdated I mean it was decorated when it was built in 1993 and never touched again. We began the process immediately and gutted the house and replaced EVERYTHING.

Our first night working on the house!

Along the way we have learned so much about home renovation, how to DIY everything and how much I LOVE to decorate.  Our house is an ever evolving project and one we are so proud of. Luckily, we took some before pictures and along the way I will share where we are in the progress of the house.  It took approx. 5 months (with the help of our truly amazing families!) to do the majority of the renovations and we continue to update the house on a week to week basis.  Renovating a house can be tiring at times, but mostly it is a ton of fun and a great relationship builder. I mean when else do you and your hubby stay up until 3 in the in the morning covered in paint and dancing to Ray Lamontagne?? Such pretty memories!!

Come back later this week to see the kitchen before and afters!

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