Monday, April 21, 2014

LaLou Boutique

I am so excited to write this blog as I am so proud of my very talented friend Lacey!  Lacey is so creative and is the one that encouraged me to start writing this blog. About 6 months ago she decided to open an Etsy shop called LaLou Boutique and sell all of her amazing creations! She has been sewing baby blankets, onesies and bibs for all of our friends for quite some time and her Etsy shop was the perfect extension of that.  So without further ado I will show you just a few of my favorite items in her shop.

The first is the perfect gender neutral gift. I mean wouldn't this be adorable on either boy or girl?

A whole assortment of amazing black and white burp cloths

 I want to have twins just so they can wear these adorable onesies.

 This is honestly the softest blanket and would be the sweetest baby gift for any boy or girl!

 This is my favorite fabric in her shop and she even made me a coordinating blanket for my shower. Did I mention that she does custom pieces??

 Isn't this adorable?

My best friend had a hungry caterpillar 1st birthday party and she wore this onesie and bib and it was so adorable.  The outfit and the party!!

 Lastly isn't this patter so fun? I love the coordinating fabrics.

So that is just a small sampling of her shop, but as you can see she makes beautiful things out of wonderful graphic fabrics. Make sure to stop by La Lou Boutique for your next baby shower! Lacey I am so proud of you are such ana mazing friend and a wonderful talent!!!

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