Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nursery Update Ceiling, Paint, and more paint!!

So we have been diligently working away at the nursery and I have a few updates that I am really excited to share.  The mood board vision is coming along perfectly and since I last checked in we (my husband and his mother) have been hard at work painting, scraping ceilings, installing light fixtures, crown moulding as well as a number of other projects.  So, the room started like this.

If we go even farther back when we bought the house the room looked like this.
Yes, your color is not off on your computer. Those are neon orange walls and mauve carpet!

The hubby Started by scraping the popcorn off of the ceiling. He taped off the carpet with plastic and then used a garden sprayer with warm water and then using a large scraper peeled off the popcorn onto a cookie sheet.

This took him about 4-5 hours.  I wish that I would have been able to help with this. It actually looked like a lot of fun!!  Once he had the whole ceiling scraped he patched and sanded.  It was a whole days time between all of the work. Although I didn't participate in this part I can tell you it was absolutely worth it.  The ceiling looks flawless!! Way to go hubby.

Now on to the painting, ohhh the painting.  We started out by painting a number of colors on the wall.   We were looking for a wall and a one shade darker ceiling color.

Once we had primed the ceilings and walls we painted larger swatches on the ceiling and walls.

At this point we were fully decided and committed on the colors on the left and I headed to the paint store. We got the first full coat on the wall and 1/3 of the ceiling done and what do you know it was all wrong!!

I mean I wanted this room to be light and airy and not to feel overly pink. I know what you are thinking, "but you are painting the walls and ceiling pink." Yes, this is true, but I wanted it to be subtle. So I headed back to the store to get a lighter wall color and we decided to paint the wall color on the ceiling.  Tried once again and still not perfect.  Have I mentioned that I have a very patient husband and MIL??  So we mixed the wall color one shade lighter and finally we had the right combo.

Here is where we ended. I know it doesn't look like much of a difference, but with white crown moulding it really stands out. The colors we ended up with are Behr Antique Pearl on the ceiling and Behr half Antique Pearl and half Bella Pink on the walls. The next post is where the fun comes in. Gold polka dots and white crown moulding!!

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