Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orb Light DIY

So have you ever been in a store and thought hmmm I am pretty sure I can turn that hunk of metal into a really awesome light fixture. No?? Well I recently did and low and behold it actually worked.  I started out with this large metal orb from Home Goods that I believe was meant to be decorative.
Anyways, I have seen very similar light fixtures for a heck of a lot more than the $60 they were asking for the decorative metal sculpture. I bought the piece of metal with a gift card I had been hoarding for some time and on the way home I stopped at my local lighting store and picked up a clearance pendant kit. It was just a traditional pendant light and it was on clearance for $10. I apologize for not having a pic, but I do know Ikea sells something similar.  Now, here is where the fun begins.  I went to Home Depot and explained to the man that I needed a drill bit to drill through a few layers of sheet metal.  He looked at me like I was a little crazy, but I assured him I would be just fine drilling through this on my own (the hubby was out of town).  I wedged a piece of wood between the slats and put it between two saw horses and I pushed with all my might.

Guess what?? It actually worked!! Here is where the hubby comes in for some good old fashioned team work.  So, we have never actually hung a light. Let alone one that wasn't really meant for its purpose so we had a little trial and error along the way which is why you will not be getting a tutorial for the hanging process.  Half way through trying to figure it all out the hubby looked at me and said, "Can't we just buy a lamp like everybody else." hahaha!!! We both burst out laughing and continued on our way and after turning the power back on we actually had a working light fixture and I love it so much!!!!

Aren't the reflecting shadows on the ceiling amazing??

Have you ever made your own light fixture??


  1. adorable!! I am so jealous of that/I am going to look and see if my home goods has that :)

    1. Good luck hunting!! There were two at the Edina store when I was there :)

  2. Great idea, this is the perfect light fixture. Looks AWESOME and i love the shadows too!

  3. love your idea - looks really good!

  4. Thanks Kristina and Mel!! I am absolutely loving my office. On to sharing another room :)