Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cork Board DIY

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great long weekend! As promised I am back today with a tutorial on the DIY cork board for my office. After finding my inspiration on Pinterest I decided I could DIY the cork board and headed to Michaels where I picked up my goodies.
With a coupon this project cost me approx. $9.  Okay now that our supplies are all ready I will do my best to explain the process, but I promise you I am no expert on angles and math...... I started by generally laying out the pieces on the cork.

I knew I wanted the ribbon to be two inches apart.  I marked 2 inches from the center on all four pieces and glued away making sure each piece matched up.
Most importantly I wanted the ribbon to connect when I put all the pieces together. So if you need to fudge a little go for it!  I continued to work my way down measuring on the angle, marking gluing and matching up. 

You get the general idea right? After about 45 minutes I had my new cork board all ready to hang with the convenient sticky foam that they provide. I contemplating hanging the cork like this.
 In the end I went with my inspiration image, but it is nice to know I can easily switch up my look. Easy office make over for under $10!!

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